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Trump's Legal Representatives Offer Insights Prior to Manhattan Civil Fraud Trial

Trump's Legal Representatives Offer Insights Prior to Manhattan Civil Fraud Trial

On the first day of the trial on which he is being tried for fraud, former President Donald Trump made his initial court appearance in Manhattan on Monday morning.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, has initiated an investigation into Donald Trump that may result in criminal charges being brought against him. Judge Arther Engoron will hear the presentation of the defense team for President Trump. Late in September, Judge Arthur Engoron issued a ruling that found Trump and his firm guilty of committing fraud while establishing his real estate empire. This came after Attorney General James accused the former president of overvaluing his assets.

Judge Engoron came to the conclusion that Trump had misled banks, insurers, and other parties on the extent of his wealth and overpriced his assets.

James asserts that Donald Trump "inflated his net worth by billions of dollars" with the assistance of his children. A court of appeals in the state of New York did not grant Trump's request to postpone the civil trial, as Trump had requested. As a kind of retribution, Engoron issued an order to revoke a number of business licenses held by Trump, making it challenging, if not impossible, for his companies to continue operating in the state of New York. The court has indicated that he will not change the current arrangement, which consists of an independent monitor keeping watch over the Trump Organization.

A statement was made by Alina Habba, Trump's attorney, after she addressed the press and issued a brief statement. James launched a lawsuit against Trump, claiming that the latter "inflated his net worth by billions of dollars" with the assistance of his children, and the judge agreed with James's assessment of the situation.

AG James issued a public statement on the very first day of the trial she is conducting against Trump. "Over the course of many years, Donald Trump has lied about the size of his financial wealth in order to enrich himself and defraud the system. We were successful in the basis of our case last week and established that his alleged net worth has been based on great fraud for a long time. James stated in a statement that he is looking forward to "demonstrating the full extent of his fraud and illegality during trial." "In this country, there are consequences for this type of persistent fraud, and we look forward to demonstrating during trial the full extent of his fraud and illegality," James said.

"In this country, there is not one set of laws for some individuals and another set for others, regardless of how powerful or wealthy you are. She went on to say that "the rule of law" ought to be applied uniformly to all people, and that "it is my responsibility to make sure that this happens."

Following his election in 2019, James launched his investigation into Trump's business connections as soon as he took office. Her charges are only one of four indictments that have been brought against the former president in different places around the country, including New York, Florida, the District of Columbia, and Georgia. Hers is just one of the indictments that has been filed. Trump took to Twitter late on Sunday night to lash out at Engoron, arguing that the judge was purposefully underestimating Trump's total worth.

The most stunning property in Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. Engoron's Valuation of, IS FRAUDULENT! He claims that it is worth 18 Million Dollars, despite the fact that he is well aware that it is likely worth anywhere from 50 to 100 Times that Amount. Engoron is making a concerted effort to promote a false image of me and my net worth, which is far HIGHER than what is indicated on my fully 'disclaimed' Financial Statements. I have not even accounted for my BRAND, which is by far my most valuable asset! Trump published an article on Truth Social.

"He should resign from the "Bench" and be sanctioned by the Courts for his abuse of power, as well as his intentional and criminal interference with the Presidential Election of 2024, of which I am leading all candidates, both Republican and Democrat, by significant margins. "He should also retire from the "Bench" and be sanctioned by the Courts for his purposeful and criminal involvement with the Presidential Election of 2024. In the same vein, Letitia James ought to step down since she engaged in unlawful and intentional election interference. She is well aware that the value of Mar-a-Lago and her other assets is significantly higher than what she is stating they are worth. Both of these Democratic Party operatives are an embarrassment to the state of New York as well as to the United States of America! Trump went on to say.
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