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How Trump's Constant 'Sleepy Joe' Taunts Are Now Backfiring

How Trump's Constant 'Sleepy Joe' Taunts Are Now Backfiring

To begin, I must clarify that I cannot confirm definitively if Donald Trump fell asleep on the first day of his criminal trial in New York. There’s no video evidence or photographs from the jury selection, so any claim about him sleeping is speculative.

However, this topic has garnered significant discussion. NBC News described how Trump seemed to have his eyes closed during part of Monday’s court session while Judge Juan Merchan was instructing potential jurors, leading to speculation about whether he was asleep or simply lost in thought. Additional reports from MSNBC and other media, such as The New York Times, noted that Trump appeared to doze off occasionally, with his mouth open and head drooping.

Further coverage by The Washington Post observed that Trump had his eyes closed and seemed to nod off at times.

While I wasn’t present and cannot say for certain if Trump was asleep, such reports are not flattering for the presumptive GOP nominee.

Some might argue that whether Trump was asleep isn't important compared to the substantive issues of this historic criminal case involving a former president. While I understand the viewpoint that emphasizes the irrelevance of "optics" stories, the context is also significant.

As highlighted on MSNBC, this incident occurs amidst a campaign where age is a key issue. Trump has often labeled his opponent, Joe Biden, as "Sleepy Joe," suggesting cognitive impairment. This portrayal contrasts with Trump's own public mishaps, such as mistakenly calling Hungary’s Viktor Orbán the "leader of Turkey," confusing the start of World War II, mixing up Jeb and George W. Bush, as well as Joe Biden with Barack Obama, and other gaffes. These errors gain prominence given Trump's focus on Biden’s age and mental fitness.

Therefore, when Trump, who frequently criticizes Biden’s alertness, is seen potentially napping in court, it inevitably captures media attention and political commentary, especially given the backdrop of his campaign’s focus on cognitive competence.



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